by The Palisades

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This little EP was made in our living room at our house on Ellis Street over the course of a few weekends in July 2013. It was originally intended to be a single released just in time for our tour in August but grew into something a little bigger. Huge thanks are in order to our roommates Ben Sokoloff, Matt Woodruff, and Lola for putting up with hearing our songs again and again while we were making this thing.

The Palisades are:
Luke Hogfoss - Guitar/Vox
Peter Coward - Bass
Noah Magen - Drums
Toby Reif - Guitar

Listen to it loud. Blow those speakers out. Drink a beer. Sit on a roof. Love your friends. Play in the sunshine. Live life and have fun.


released July 29, 2013

All Songs by the Palisades
Engineered and Mixed by Toby Reif in Bellingham, WA
Mastered by Chris Vita at Vita Mastering in Portland, OR
Album Art by Ryan Ohlemeier in Mt. Vernon, WA



all rights reserved


The Palisades Bellingham, Washington


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Track Name: All My Tongues Are Tied
I called my friend; she likes to call me out on life.
I stay concerned and cautious

Cause there comes a time when all your tongues are tied.
You will have to speak then.

I confess I am one. I am a hundred lives. As I switch between them...

And there comes a lie when all your tongues will hide. Neither rhyme nor reason...

I will seize this moment as I shut my eyes. I will wake up shaking.

And every single moment where I don’t feel quite right, I will shift completely.
Track Name: As Close As I'll Get
I think I know who you are.
That’s funny cause we’ve barely met.
So please don’t make me work too hard.
This is as close as I’ll get

Is this as close as you’ll get?

I have a plan how to talk.
I’ve mapped out the moves in my head.
So when it all goes wrong I’ll turn off
and I won’t know how to begin.

This is as close as I’ll get.

And it’s all I can see right...
Even in this half light, I can see right.

I think I know who you are,
at least who I want you to be.
So please don’t turn out all that far
from what I imagined to see.

What are you seeing in me?

I have no way I can tell.
I have no way I can sleep.
Some traits about me I could sell,
In return for some traits I could reap.

What are you trying to see?

I think I know how to win
I think I know the secret
Nobody’s noticing it

I think I’ve seen you before.
Pretend like I don’t give a shit.
Cause it seems like the best way to start
is knowing the best way to quit.

This is as close as I’ll get.
Track Name: Modern Mapmaker
It’s a matter of shades
it’s a matter of angles
If I could fit my shape
then I can prove that I’m able

It’s a matter of shades
It’s a matter of labels
If I could have my say
Then this world is greater

And now it’s calling my name
And now it’s calling my brother’s
We could both get away
Making maps looking southern.